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vbackup is a modular program that performs easy system backups. It can be extended by user scripts and can be fully configured to fit a system needs. vbackup can be customized to perform full or incremental backups where they are supported.

vbackups consists of a set of scripts (modules) that handle various aspects of a backup. Currently it supports:

  • Filesystem backup using tar
  • XFS backup using xfsdump
  • PostgreSQL database backup
  • MySQL database backup
  • Debian package list backup
  • RPM database backup
  • MBRs, partition, mdadm and LVM information
  • OpenLDAP backup
  • Encryption with gpg or x509 certificates using openssl

It can store the backups to a local or a remote NFS partition that may be mounted on-demand. It can also use scp to copy files to a remote host.

All of vbackup behaviour can be fully extended and other methods can be easily added. Customized backup steps are also possible using the exec plugin.

A configuration wizard is included to ease first time configuration.

Debian users: vbackup is included in debian. You can install it using:

        apt-get install vbackup

Be sure to include a "testing" source in sources.list and run:

        apt-get update

Vbackup's source code can be found at https://github.com/sharhalakis/vbackup

Full vbackup documentation can be found at http://vbackup.readthedocs.org